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In the year 2007, the Media Unit of Royal College began pioneering sports webcasts. In spite of working with limited technical knowledge and equipment at the time, the webcasts were quite successful, paving the way for future forays into the field. Gradually from 2008-2011 the streaming improved, graduating from a blog, to Royal and finally, in the year 2012, to our very own site, Today, MURClive has risen to a standard comparable to that of professional sports casting companies.

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Some of Our skills


  • Live Streaming


  • Videography


  • Photography


The Media Unit of Royal College was founded in the year 2001 as the Mass Media Unit under the guidance of Mr. J. Patabandi.

Beginning with the longtime staples of school media units’ such as announcing and news reading, MURC gradually expanded its’ horizons to include new avenues such as Webcasting, Videography, Photography, Web Designing and on occasion, Event Management.

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