The Royal Herald

In the year of 2021, being aware of your surroundings is a valuable virtue. In keeping with this philosophy, and our personal ethos of continuous growth, the seeds for the Royal Herald sprang to life. We strive to deliver hard-hitting journalism and masterful content with a signature Royal touch.

What is THe Royal Herald?

The Media Unit of Royal College has a rich history of print media and publication, with Royal staples such as the Kirula Magazine & The Royal Monthly being well-known to all Royalists.

However, as the years have gone by, the space for digital media has only grown, and the Royal Herald is the perfect candidate for carrying on the rich tradition of MURC publications whilst entering a new medium. This, if nothing else, is a magazine, and yet, embodies the values of a newspaper. Experimental in nature and bold in its approach, the Royal Herald is all about shaking up the status quo. It seeks to better itself, and the editors behind it are some of the most innovative collegiate writers ever assembled. The icing on the cake? It’ll only get better with age.

Dive into quality writing, nuanced commentary, and impartial facts on the Royal Herald, the Media Unit’s newest, boldest editorial venture yet.


2nd Issue
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3rd Issue
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