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In the year of 2021, being aware of your surroundings is a valuable virtue. In keeping with this philosophy, and our personal ethos of continuous growth, the seeds for the Royal Herald sprang to life. We strive to deliver hard-hitting journalism and masterful content with a signature Royal touch.

Dive into quality writing, nuanced commentary, and impartial facts on the Royal Herald, the Media Unit’s newest, boldest venture yet.


Visual Artist

The project will take place in the months of October and September, 2021 and will take place in four training sessions held online.

TV Royal '21

When TV Royal was initiated, the primary objective of the endeavor was to successfully complete Sri Lanka’s 1st commercial student-run television broadcast, while advancing the good name of our alma mater, Royal College.Fast forward 3 successful broadcasts and here we stand, with a cornucopia of experience and a wealth of knowledge, ready to reach the standards set by our earlier iterations, and raise the bar higher for a fourth year running.

Coming Soon!


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