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In the year 2007, the Media Unit of Royal College began pioneering sports webcasts. In spite of working with limited technical knowledge and equipment at the time, the webcasts were quite successful, paving the way for future forays into the field. Gradually from 2008-2011 the streaming improved, graduating from a blog, to Royal College.lk and finally, in the year 2012, to our very own site, MURClive.com. Today, MURClive has risen to a standard comparable to that of professional sports casting companies.

Media Unit of Royal College (MURC) itself has greatly expanded and improved, attaining professional level proficiency in many Media related disciplines, including but not limited to; Announcing, Webcasting, Event Management, Graphic Designing, Marketing, Public Relations, Videography, Photography, Journalism etc. Today, the Unit is divided into four main firms (MURC Creatives, Le Postre Team, Royal News Team and the Video Crew) operating under the main umbrella body.

The website www.MURClive.com is the dedicated Sporting website of Royal College & fully administrated by the Media Unit and is a non-profit endeavor solely funded by sponsors & well wishers and of course, Royal itself. This constitutes an enormous workload, especially in the midst of our numerous other projects.

The Media Unit of Royal College

The Media Unit of Royal College was founded in the year 2001 as the Mass Media Unit under the guidance of Mr. J. Patabandi.

Beginning with the longtime staples of school media units’ such as announcing and news reading, MURC gradually expanded its’ horizons to include new avenues such as Webcasting, Videography, Photography, Web Designing and on occasion, Event Management.

The current T-I-C of MURC is Mrs.Aparna De Silva.

The Media Unit of Royal College currently consists of four firms.


The Royal News Team – The Royal News Team, is currently the official news portal at Royal College. This department is a tri-lingual department which is Sinhala, Tamil and English. Royal News Team has excelled far beyond its field thanks to its innovative and hard working crew. The Royal News Team also takes the initiative in preparing documentaries on occasion etc.


MURC Creatives – MURC Creatives consists of Photography, Event Organizing and Event Management. MURC Creatives had so far shown their unparalleled talent through many events held in college.


Le Postre Team – Le Postré Team is a subsidiary firm of the media unit of Royal College, taking forth art together with tradition and creating opportunities for young Royalists to enable their creativity to the world.


Video Crew – It’s the Video Crew’s sole responsibility to provide video coverage for events. Pre production (Videography) and post production (Video editing) is also done by this department.

The flagship project of the Media Unit is TVRoyal, by which MURC has revolutionised television broadcasting.


“To be a professionally administrated unit with guidance providing assistance wherever needed.”


“To serve our alma-mater in all its Media oriented needs while simultaneously training our members to be effective and successful media personalities in the future.
Forging new horizons in the fields related to Media within the country.”

Top Board

Umindu Katugampala


Ovin Katipearachchi


Imdaad Rafiudeen


Sithum Liyanage

MURCLIVE Channel Head

Aavin Abeydeera

Assistant Chairman

Savina Tennekone

Assistant Secretary

Randula Liyanage

Assistant Treasurer

Harith Hussein

Assistant MURCLIVE Channel Head

Aksharan Selvaranjan

Chief Director

Pasan Laksitha

Chief Organizer